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adult nail art

   Wed, July 2, 2014 - 8:38 AM
Spot the decal in water face up for 15-30 seconds.four. Attempt glitter or hologram leading coats, as properly! For total nail decals, make confident you seal the edges of your recommendations effectively!Ideas: Very very best when shared with buddies! Reapply ideal coat each and every single two-3 days for excellent outcomes. Paint your nails the color of your decision. Nail Art DirectionsUse on all-all-natural, polished or acrylic nails.1. Permit nails to dry thoroughly.2. For clear nails, you will trim about the design. Seal it all with a clear coat or two. Once you are satisfied with the position, dab off the excess water meticulously. The background is clear and it will not show up.three. Please really feel cost-free of charge to message me with any inquiries or problems you could have. Tweezers are a superb tool to use when applying.five. Slide the decal off the backing paper. Trim the decal to fit your nail. To get the full wraps to lie flat, paint them with a clear coat and let them - adult nail art - dry. For total nail decals you will want to use a clear coat. You will then press the design and style and style to your nail. For clear nail decals, clear, nude & light shades execute really best. The decals can be removed with typical polish remover.. six. Dab your fingernail with a modest water to avert the decal from sticking to your polish although you position it. You will want to make confident the image is facing up and not backwards


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